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All About Rambling

When I leave room for the unexpected, I am never disappointed. This is something I discovered over the past year as the city shut down and walking became a daily habit that I depended on as a way to engage with the world. Previously, I studied and taught Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and while the practice of sitting meditation has been key to my well-being, these days I find that I prefer to spend my mindful time outdoors exploring new trails and new ways of thinking. 

On these walks I pay close attention to my curiosity and that makes them unique among my daily experiences. Rambling is different from walking to work or to the grocery store in that there is no measurable outcome. Sometimes I find it hard to detach from the quantifiable. Things like my step-count or the number of errands I complete make me feel like a good person doing important things. But rambling just makes me feel happy to be alive. 

Physically wandering often creates the perfect conditions for mental meandering, which is why I not only provide walking routes here, but also thought experiments for you to engage with on your journeys.  I look forward to sharing my adventures and learning about yours. Let's ramble together!

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