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East Don Parkland Trail Tale

East Don Parkland Trail is in North York and is very accessible by TTC. We only did a 2.5km portion of the trail from Alamosa Park heading south to Sheppard Ave. E, but according to All Trails, you could turn this into an 11km hike going all the way up to Steeles. It is not a loop.

Early Morning Hiking Treats

Our first stop was Black Cat Espresso at College and Dufferin where they have the most outstanding breakfast sandwich. There is a veggie option with tomato and basil and a meaty one with bacon. I don’t know what they put in that sauce but prepare to be addicted.

*Please note that I only mention shops and restaurants because I love them. I receive no incentive to do so.

Books n' Fun

We started at Alamosa Park, a small playground on a suburban street. I was delighted to find that it had a Free Little Library and we loaded up on some easy fall reading. This is a particularly good spot to start if you've got some wee ones along for the adventure.

So Many Bridges

We did this walk on a weekday morning and it was very peaceful, not to mention fashionable... the power walking couples really put on a good show. The trail is paved so I could see it being busy with bikes on the weekend. However, there are a lot of places you can veer off onto a rugged forest trail and find some tangly urban jungle.

Who Doesn't Love a Personality Quiz?

When we stopped to rest, Michelle guided me through the Jungian Archetypes online quiz. Unsurprisingly, we are both the Innocent Child archetype. This probably explains why we like to wander around laughing loudly in forests on Thursday mornings. More on archetypes in next week's post, "Would You Rather be Whole or Good?"

I'd love to hear about your experiences with this walk. If you do this route or decide to explore sections uncharted in this post, please post in the comments or Forum Discussion.

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