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Riverwood Conservancy Ramble

This gem is located in Mississauga along the Credit River and is a fantastic place to enjoy whatever autumn has left to offer. There are a couple of different loop trails that add up to about 4km of hiking, but also some nice places to veer off the beaten path and follow a creek through the forest. A very family friendly spot with a lot going on, such as guided birdwatching and forest bathing hikes.

Pine Sanctuary Sculpture

I love some art with my nature and I also worship pine trees, so when I found this sculpture by Marc Fornes at the entrance to the park I knew I had stumbled onto something good. This was fun to play in, providing a variety of awesome views from inside and out. It rivalled the real pine forest inside the conservancy...but real pines still win because they smell soooo goood.

Sensory Garden

I appreciate that they called it a Sensory Garden and not a Children's Garden so I felt free to try out every single thing there. You can grope and learn about animal tracks, trees and plants in the park. I also found a Manitoba Maple that was the perfect sitting tree. After announcing this to my friend, she pointed out the sign next to me that read 'Sitting Tree', so apparently I was not the first to make this observation. We also met some turtles that had strong opinions about how to live life.

Winding Through the Forest

In addition to the Credit River and the creeks in this park, there is also a human-made pond that provides all the fall feels with it's orange trees, red vines and yellow grasses. As we were following the snaking path of a creek through a ravine we spotted this little guy slithering around, a good indicator of a well kept ecosystem.

Stumps & Snacks

No hike is complete without a treat and this time my friend Michelle came through with these little rice cakes from Brazil Bakery and Pastry. Not too sweet and just the right size, these little vanilla flavoured beauties are like a dense yet fluffy cupcake. They are best enjoyed in a Sensory Garden while sitting on a stump under a big maple tree (obviously).

I'd love to hear about your adventures at Riverwood Conservancy or at any other park in the Mississauga area since there is a lot to explore along the Credit River. Please share in the Comments or the Forum Discussion.

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